Former NLF Player Tyrone Legette Turns Entrepreneur. Tyrone Legette played seven seasons for the New Orleans Saints, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Franciso 49ers. The former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints, once was running the football and he is now running his own business as a grocery store owner with the Save A Lot Grocery Chain.

This move was seen as an excellent opportunity for those in the North Baton Rouge community to support the development of Black economics in the predominately black area and to attract investors to the area also.

Tyrone Legette has joined other sports celebrities in the area of entrepreneurship. Legette is joining the ranks of LeBron James, Venus Williams, George Foreman and of course Michael Jordon and Magic Johnson.

The path from professional football to the grocery business did not happen quickly, Immediately after he retired from the game Tyrone Legette started a construction by the name, Legette Construction Incorporated. Leggette Construction focuses on working with non-profits to build subdivisions in New Orleans that provided homes aimed at first-time home buyers. His company builds 10 Р20 at a time for the United Way Neighborhood Housing and other agencies.

The Sav-A-Lot franchisee, decided to pursue the idea of opening a grocery to help others. As a grocery store owner, Legette wanted to help people save money on their groceries. In addition to the increase of black economics the store’s location in the North Baton Rouge area is what people call a food desert. A food desert is an area in the inner city that does not have sufficient and affordable or quality food for its residents.

Tyrone Legette is working hard to increase business in the black community by supporting black owned businesses and to keep black businesses vibrantly thriving in the black community. Hopefully the opening of this venture will do just that.



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