Hope Wiseman takes Mary Jane to another level.

Meet Hope Wiseman the youngest, black dispensary owner in the United States. Hope Wiseman is unkown to many, but that will change for sure.  Hope is also a cast member of WAGS Atlanta that is aired on the E Entertainment Network and the co-founder of Mary and Main. Mary and Main is located in Prince George’s County, Maryland and is the first dispensary in the area. Wiseman founded the company along with her mother Dr. Octavia Simkins- Wiseman, Dr. Larry Bryant and Dexter Parker.

Hope Wiseman Takes Mary Jane to Another LevelAt the ripe young age of 25 Hope Wiseman dived into the business of Mary Jane, just as many others are doing across the country, seeing it as a profitable endeavor. Even though mother and daughter knew nothing about the marijuana industry they did realize the great opportunity standing before them .Wiseman’s background in investments and economics, along with her interest in following trends drew her to cannabis business.

Mary and Main is not simply a company selling weed, its personalized cannabis care and with that Hope Wiseman takes Mary Jane to another level . Their approach is from the standpoint of educating the merits and benefits in using cannabis. Their goal is to educate patients and others so that they know they are smoking more than a flower.

“I understand that stoner stigma may come off very negatively,” she said. “But then you hear the stories. Stories about children who had multiple seizures a day, which completely stopped because they’re taking CBD oil, or Cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana which has absolutely zero psychoactive effect. Stories about people who have glaucoma who use it to alleviate their symptoms. Stories about people who have cancer, who have a better quality of life when they’re going through chemotherapy.” Huffington Post

“We need to cultivate more research and development on the drug,” she added. “That is when people will start to look at it differently.”

Hope’s company also will provide events revolving around Cannabis 101 and info about the business side.

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