Is the Big Baller Brand Worth the Price?

Is the Big Baller Brand Worth the Price? Okay I am not a sports fanatic and I know nothing about basketball. Yes I can understand a three pointer and I know a foul when I see one. But what I can not understand is the logic behind paying $495.00 for a pair of tennis shoes. Yes you read it right? $495.00 for a pair of sneakers.

I’m sure by now many of your have heard about the $495.00 tennis shoes that were unveiled by father and son LaVar and Lonzo Ball. Lonzo Ball is the son of the former pro basketball player LaVar Ball. Lonzo Ball the UCLA Bruins guard is an All-American and not even in the professional league yet, but is doing things unheard of.

As a college freshman in 2016–17, Lonzo Ball led the nation in assists and broke the UCLA record for most assists in a season. He earned consensus first-team All-American honors and won the Wayman Tisdale Award as the top freshman in the nation.

So yes he’s hitting the court like no other.  Yes Ball is one of the strongest college ballers in the nation, but is this reason enough to place give him his own sneaker at such a young age even before making it to the major league?

Is the Big Baller Brand Worth the Price?The Balls revealed the shoe line from their Big Baller Brand. The Big Baller Brand was inspired by the 3 Ball brothers Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo hailing from Chino Hills. California. All are basketball players with a Championship pedigree. The online store sells hats, tee-shirts, hoodies for kids and of course highly prices footwear.

For those willing to pay the price you can choose from three different styles from the company’s website. The Wet are the personally Autographed Memorabilia Edition and The Prime their less expensive shoe is their Flagship Model.  Then there are the Z02s Signature Slides.  The Ball’s Big Baller Brand ranges from $220.00 to 1,195.00. Is the Big Baller Brand Worth the Price?

The going rate for the ZO2: Prime is $495 (and $695 for sizes 14 and up). There is also a premium, autographed version for $995 (again, $200 more for big sizes). And if those aren’t in your price range, the ZO2 slides are a mere $220.

With such unheard of prices uproars have occurred, which would be expected. Lonzo Ball has joined the ranks of other athletes with shoe brands, even though he has yet to play professionally.

A day after LaVar Ball’s Big Baller Brand unveiled a line of shoes for his son Lonzo, Ball gave his justification for the outrageous price for the shoes. “I figure that’s what the shoe is worth,” LaVar said. “When you are your own owner you can come up with any price you want.” “Prada and Gucci is selling theirs for what they want,” LaVar said. “Ours is better than that. It feels better.”

The Balls came out with their own kicks because every major sneaker company had passed on signing Lonzo Ball. Daddy Ball might also feel deserving of charging such high prices because since his son has a great chance of being picked in the high first-round pick in this year’s NBA Draft that he is brand worthy.

LaVar also stated, “The people that are complaining are the ones who can’t get the shoe and don’t want the shoe and that’s fine because there’s a lot of people out here that want the shoe and can get the shoe.”

The shipping date on the shoes is Nov. 24.

Is the Big Baller Brand worth the price?


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